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Happiness Is...

Franklin Announces new base of operations for the U.K.

Bittles Brook Farm

One of the greatest advantages of traveling to different places to teach horsemanship, as I have done for many, many years, is the fact that I get to meet many new horses and horse people all along the way. I have discovered that 'horse people' tend to be pretty good folks everywhere. Probably this is because 'getting good' with horses means they have gotten pretty good in other areas of their lives. My forever motto is and has been "success with horses is a life enriching process." This past week and weekend has again shown me how true this motto really is.

I just spent 4 days in the UK in the area of Dorset. Specifically I was hosted at Bittles Brook Farm, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, with Carolyn and Clive Bouchier and their lovely daughters, Matilda (Tilly) and Natalie. They call themselves "The New Horse..Understanding Equus." Learning to understand horses, the way they teach it, is some of the best I have seen anywhere. All the horses there had good attitudes and were extremely loved and well-cared for. Some were rescued horses and they were very well handled with good attitudes too.

While there we did everything from Equine Facilitated Learning, to how to better communicate with your horse and resolve specific issues, how to reward the horse for its effort and, therefore, train more efficiently, setting boundaries with horses (and others) and under saddle exercises to develop better equestrian skills and a happier riding horse. These things were just to name a few of the topics we covered. The days were very well attended by interested horse people who had the desire to have a better relationship and understanding with and of their horses. Additionally,Debbie Reilly, a wonderful equine professional herself, was on hand to lend her valuable input.

I am honored to announce that Bittles Brook Farm and the Bouchier family have invited me to have this wonderful facility as my new base of operations in the UK. Thank you to The New Horse and all involved for this wonderful opportunity to join with you in the advancement of compassionate, wisdom based, skillful and trust based horsemanship. I look forward to many, many wonderful times together. Happiness is good people, good horses and certainly Good Vibrations. There is plenty of all this going around at The New Horse, Bittles Brook Farm, Shaftsbury, UK.

Thank you, Franklin

Photos from Bittles Brook Farm, May 2011

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