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Horse Love and How to Get It

Never take anything personally a horse does or does not do. Never say he doesn't love you or he only loves you sometimes. Your responsibility is to love your horse and be the great leader all the time. Do not worry whether he loves you or not. Like any relationship, you cannot make someone love you. You give that up and only seek to offer your love. You must be your best, give your best, offer love (in appropriate form, which for horses means skillful, compassionate leadership every second you are with the horse) and never, never be disgruntled, offended, feel slighted or anything like that.

Your horse will deeply bond with (love) the one who spends the most time with it and successfully guides the motion, direction, action, etc. of the horse. Give lots and lots of praise for the horse complying with a request for movement or for requested non-movement (standing patiently). Allow the horse the satisfaction of earning praise and treats. Ask for something (movement), when you get it offer a “Whoa!” (a short break) allow/wait for the horse to lick and chew or eat it's cookie and then do something else. Consistently handling your horse this way, over time, will provide you with the deepest bond (love) that is possible with your horse. Love is accomplished over time with horses. It is not quick or a ‘given’. Trust is earned over time with great leadership being offered consistently (every moment).