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Way of the Horse®

  • Learn how to create the most powerful connection you have ever had with your horse and keep it!
  • Understand & practice how successful trainers join your will & intuition with that of the horse.
  • Step-by-step methods to achieve high-level horse/human communication and understanding with your horse.
  • How to always have a successful outcome with your horse.
  • Discover how to problem solve for and train your horse with gentle, proven, tested techniques that are practical and work.
  • Led by lifetime horseman and trainer Franklin Levinson, founder of Adventures on Horseback and The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience, and author of the soon to be released, Way of the Horse.

Way of the Horse® Program
is about high level partnership with Equines.

Furthurmore, it is about understanding, patience, kindness and compassion towards our Equine friends. As the horse is perhaps one of Nature's most benign creatures and, being prey for other animals, fearful, it is essential for humans to support the connection the Equine wants to have with whoever is around it so it can know it is safe to release its fear. This 'connection' should have an underlying purpose of helping the horse trust that it is always safe and develope the confidence that consistant feelings of safety bring. Once a horse really trusts it is safe through the efforts of another (horse or human), it will want to bond and stay with that individual. Horses want a leader. They are always looking for an individual who is like a great parent for it. Kind and helpful, knowledgable and confident in their relationship as the 'leader', is what the horse looks for us to be.

The horse is naturally impeccible, being always honest and congruent with what it feels and what it does. Through appropriate interaction with horses, we humans get to practice this impeccibility. We get to discover some of the best within ourselves by associating with a creature who is always offering us the best it has, in total honesty. As horses live totally in the present, they give us the opportunity to get fully in the moment, totally present when we are with them. This is very life enriching as life happens in the 'now'.

Join Way of the Horse® with Franklin Levinson for high level horsemanship seminars, clinics, events and Equine fun. Look for the winter release of Franklin's book, Way of the Horse.