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attending Franklin's Horsemanship Clinics in Greece



Hi..I want to say THANK YOU for the new perspective of life I had the chance to experience there...I learned new things about horses and now I have some knowledge of the size of ignorance that haunts some riders and some trainers too. Came face to face with my own ignorance too. Not only about the horse and riding but also about me.

Safety is the most important thing for horses, trust and respect can be earned with kindness, and appropriate boundaries for both sides are necessary along with the ability to observe responses and empathize with these divine creatures. I underline a fact I thought I knew ...learning to say No is healthy and yes, this is an area I have difficulty coping with usually cheated by overthinking and emotions.

I saw the first DVD Training Through Trust once and I revised some of the things I usually do already. I will watch the other DVDs soon. If there are any more suggestions about DVD material that can help me please let me know.

I had a really great time there, your wife is a very warm person  ..everyone had a positive aura; Maria,Paris and most horses..I hope I can manage to come there again soon, at the moment friends with stables have invited me to bring a horse there so I am looking for a "friend" to dance with...I will let you know how it goes...Once again, thank you very much for everything. I am grateful for the introduction to natural horsemanship, grateful to meet you...Take Care and give my love to Takis, Ben and Cici!!!! Maria


"I had almost given up trying to find a course in "natural horsemanship". I was confronted by a circus of advertising, hype and marketing. Trying to speak in person to anybody was trickier than getting onto an A list celebrity party invite. Then I stumbled across a website called "Way of The Horse" by somebody I had never heard of: Franklin Levinson. His philosophy was clear …. he was "dedicated to supporting excellence in the horse/human relationship globally, through compassionate and wisdom based horsemanship with developed trust at it's core." I read on and could hardly believe my eyes. Franklin had so openly put up a series of his essays on many aspects of horsemanship which were quite simply, brilliant. Written in a no nonsense way they were clear, straight, true and full of deep knowledge and integrity. When he answered my email himself I knew immediately this was the person I wanted to learn from to start my journey on a more natural way of working in partnership with horses...

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Fiona C Sanke

Hello Franklin!

EACH day I work with horses, I am pleasantly reminded of you and Ilona!! I feel like I am right there with you guys in Corfu, that by itself  lightens my spirits and then to be working with different horses each day and to see the improvement and new found confidence they have just blows me away!!! I TRULY know now that I CAN do this and have a positive impact on horses and I literally cannot express the gratitude I feel for everything you and Ilona have taught me. I feel that I was meant to meet and work with you both for a reason! Truly. I don’t think you guys realize what an impact you had on me, both on a personal level and working with horses. I will be mailing the tape out Monday. If you could give me your mailing address that would be great!

I applaud your efforts and how you are continually trying to better yourself, I am sincerely honest when I say I look up to you as a role model, a human being and a horse trainer! I too am trying to better myself through what I’ve read from Jerry Jampolsky’s book. 

Love, Rei

Rei - Student, Corfu


Dear Franklin,

We hope that you and Ilona had a safe travel back to Corfu. We would like to thank you once more for the seminar you held last weekend! There were several situations in the past when we felt that people were not treating their horses the right way by using violence and brute force, and it was a relief for us to learn that there are people out there, like you, who are doing this differently. We were also very happy to see all the children who participated in the course. You did a great job teaching these kids the basics of working with horses! Children are often so open and empathic, they will easily be able to follow your way of natural horsemanship. We definitely will.

We took a lot of inspiration from this weekend, not only from meeting the horseman Franklin, but also the person. It was a pleasure to talk to you and to learn from you in many ways. It would be great if we could arrange a visit in Corfu next year!

All the best for you and Ilona,

Anna and Johannes (and Polly, the dog).

Anna & Johannes

Kalimera Franklin,

I just reply to your email to say "Hello".

It was a wonderful weekend for me also. Before the meeting I was a little confused about it and I was thinking I couldn't manage to attend this. I have no idea what a seminar about horses could be. But the way you and Ilona treat horses was marvelous and magnificent. I enjoyed very much the way of communication with my horse Argiro and the contact with her. I was impressed by the way Argiro was careful and protective and how sweet of expressing affection. I have never feel the same with Argiro, although I have understand that she is feeling my feelings, for example she is detecting my fear or my pain and she does obey to my command to start trot or she stops doing trot.

This time the contact was meaningful and full of emotions. I am very lucky to meet you and grateful for everything that I felt. Thank you so much!! This weekend was really magical

Best regards and many thanks to Ilona
Best wishes to you and many thanks for all

Ελληνική μετάφραση

Dear Franklin and Ilona,

Even though I intended to write to you earlier, It took me some time to make it happen and I 'm not sure why… Maybe I waited for all the excitement to cool off…

I have to admit that the time I spent the past month close to you at the center in Corfu made me realize once again that being close to horses provides me a feeling of peace and calmness which I really need in my life. Furthermore, the experience of being introduced to the basics of EFL not only was fun and very
interesting but really beneficial as well.

I've come to understand in practice, that paying attention to the horse's body language, making suggestions instead of trying to control, being respectful, precise and consistent to what I'm asking, are the way to be successful with horses and bond with them.

I think that this procedure of learning how to interact with horses improved my confidence and made me feel complete. And all these beautiful things I''ve learned, I can also apply them to my relationships with people! So I consider this experience to be a life lesson!

I really feel that having the chance to be close to teachers as experienced and as committed as you has been valuable experience.

I miss you both and I 'm looking forward to coming back to Corfu for more sessions!

See you soon,


I am Katerina from the seminar in Mitilini, the girl who rode the mare..I would like to say that the seminar was great!!! One of the most beautiful experiences ever that gave me a lot about horses! I have ridden horses since I was 2. But now I realize that I know very few things about them. Horses are my life and I am trying to be better and better for them. Thank you for teaching us all the important things that help us to become better for our wonderful horses! I wish and hope that you come back soon to Mitilini and show us more riding techniques and better ways to communicate with horses! Thank you Franklin and Ilona for your kindness, calm and patience. Have a nice and peaceful summer!!!



Dear Franklin Levinson!

I'm sorry it took so long to write. I was thinking writing to you but I always forget.

I really really miss being at the Ranch, walking outside, feeling the fresh air, going to the stables to cuddle the horses in my arms and hear them neigh. It's music to my ears. But now all I can hear is someone's horn outside my window full of traffic jam. I just hate it! Now at night I'm having some dreams that I'm still at the Ranch, out riding just me and my very own horse. But when I wake up I feel so upset and makes me want to cry! I really did learn so much from you and I just can't wait to learn more! I imagine your house in a beautiful wide open space full of horses running out wild and free. I wish I had that so I could watch the horses outside my window. I think I've said too much. It's just that I'm so excited!

Anyway write soon, and I hope one day I might see you again!

Lot's of Love,

Melina the biggest Horse Lover!

I dont know if you remember me. We met on the three-day seminar you just did at Kyriakos Skouras' Ranch. I really just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and for all that you've taught me. These 3-days have been really emotional for me since I've now realized what I've been missing out on from my relationship with horses. For years I thought that my horse was just a bit cranky as he was the perfect horse to ride but he never really liked anyone. And I felt sad, as I wanted that horse to love me and like me.

In the end I just accepted this, as that was all I knew and what I was taught. I never took the time to see what was wrong. Thank you for showing me that there is another way and for teaching me what I need to do FOR him. You've made me look at horses a whole other way and made me want to be the best rider-partner I can be. It is now frustrating looking back and thinking of all the things that went wrong because of all the things we did wrong. I now realise how the relationships with horses, where I come from, has taken the wrong path. I just wish that one day that will change and I will do everything I can for that to happen.

Again, thank you for everything. This has been a great wake-up call and very motivating for what I wish to do in the future. I hope to see you again (maybe you'll visit Rhodes island one day) and I promise to be that better person by then.

Natalie O., Rhodes, Greece

One of the most attractive horseman in the world, Franklin Levinson came again back in our country for new series of 6 seminars writing. In Kerkini many participants attended. The Horse Whisperer succeeded to have audience from all kind of ages and from cities as Florina, Kilikis, Giannitsa, Kavala, Xanthi, Drama, Serres, Katerini, Larissa, Thessaloniki and as well from Attiki. Many in the audience came with their whole families. The reason of so big quantity of audience was; that the program was from Franklin. All expenses was covered by sponsors and arranged by Genesis TV.2nd seminar was at Christina Georgiou’s lovely place. Franklin was bombarded by many questions from the children and adults. When he asked volunteers, many “small hands” raised up. Franklin helped everyone.


It was very cold and the wind caused more difficulties, but the mild and patient Franklin and the brilliant hostess Christina Georgiou and their love could warm up our souls.We all now know more of the views of Franklin about how we have to handle the horse, how to train them and if we follow his teaching, will transform our life with the horse and the horse’s life with us – to be easier, more healthy, based on trust and compassion for the animal. We asked opinions of some people from the audience, about the place, about the organization and of course about Franklin. “1000% bravo. It is very important to listen all these from a huge experienced horseman… it is a big present for our civilization. The messages were not only for horse-people but for everybody who has relationship with animals. The place was magnificent and congratulation for Valia and Petros. About Franklin….Man who really love horses and what he does. I felt he made deposition of soul. I felt his sadness when he was talking or was thinking about abuses horses or even about some abuser “tools” of training. It was very important when he said, that “if after this seminar even one from you become better with your horses, I’ll feel very happy.”

Below I write in nutshell what I gained.

1. Riding is a dance for two, where dance partners understand and feel each other. I’ll go beyond between horse and human. How important is to “read” our partner, to understand the body language, to know and understand his/her movements, needs and soul.

2. We saw the signs of calmness on horses as lick and chew. The same is for dogs.

3. Through relationship between horse and human is important the role of leadership as leader and not boss. Respect, compassion, comprehension.

4. In the dance of riding, the leader (human) leads the steps. A driver of a car and not simple passenger or one sack of potatoes.

5. Dance you cannot learn from books, somebody has to show you and you should practice it. You have to dance continuously to be a great dancer.

6. Humans and animals needs to build up a language of communication. We should practice every day and try to teach behavior but earn good behavior. Each effort has to be rewarded.

7. Nobody would like to have their nose petted, so, don’t do to the horse as well. You can do it on the neck, or its side.

8. Horses are prey animals…eaten by other animals. That’s why they are afraid and do not trust all new things that they do not know. Franklin said the training is based on this. I had a different opinion,. But now I really saw that he turns fear to trust for the training.

“Guys, it was wonderful! It is never enough to listen and to watch this man. Thank you for all. I hope I’ll see you soon.


This “comparison with the dance” I’m thinking continuously. Thanks to Franklin for all his suggestions and congratulation for Genesis TV and the sponsors. Always to have this kind of things. We need it!

Pavlos Oikonomou

I never touched a horse before. Now I’d like to have one. I hope my parents will read it and will give me the biggest present of my life.

Katia N. (8 years old)

Dear Franklin,
Please allow me to thank you for sharing all the wealth of experience and enlightening us hungry-for-knowledge horse people. As many readers of your website would agree, the appreciation on our part is tremendous (and so is on the part of our horses - if they just could talk.


Franklin building humanity. Humans and animals needs love and warmth. I understood the mistakes I made and I hope I can restore it with more understanding to my horse.

Panteli K.

Everybody had good words to say to Franklin and for the place was chosen. Everybody was satisfied from the friendly atmosphere and from the delicious food.The event was recorded by the President of the Riding Club of Serres and by local TV channel. Thank you to www.GenesisTV.eu and www.Oikoxenia.gr and to all those who were present.

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for your wonderful seminar at Christina's premises. I did love horses in the past but after your seminar, I have come to love them more and even want to get involved with them, time permitting. I truly believe that you deserve the title "Horse Whisperer" but not as a "label", on the contrary, really! You have a terrific relationship with horses which derives from your true knowledge of them. Your seminar was insipiring. I fully support humane training methods and I am glad that this method works on all animals. Apart from dogs, i feel fortunate to have attended seminars on horses with you and on other "wild" species.

Ken Ramirez

I would love to be notified about your upcoming seminars in Greece and hope to be able to attend. I want to thank you once more, and would like you to consider me as a fun, a supporter, a helper and of course, a friend; one more in Greece! Warmest regards,

Katerina Hadziyanni, POSITIVE dog trainer

Not only did you give valuable advice as far as training of the horses is concerned, but also you gave us a wonderful opportunity to explore our own selves, through the development of the relationship with the horse. We thank you so much. You are always welcome, because you have ‘earned’ our ‘trust’ and a place in our hearts.

Horse Riding Club of Komotini, Greece

My dear friend Franklin,
I am full of willingness and energy, to make this little foal's life as great and wonderful as life can be for a horse. I've got millions of questions to ask you about the little one, and I want you to know that ever since I met you, I see horses (and life in general) through a completely different perspective. Franklin, you have touched our hearts and souls, and for that you will always have our gratitude. I keep watching your DVD over and over so I can re-live the magic of your dances, and learn even the last detail that I may have missed.


I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the first seminar of Franklin Levinson in Greece. Congratulations should also go to the person who organized and hosted the event, Candio Voutsinou and to all her team and family, who made sure that our stay and process of the seminar will be unforgettable to all!

Finally, for the seminar itself and the lovable person who is Franklin Levinson, I can only say that for the Greek horse lovers the chance to participate in this event is a chance of a lifetime, which they should not miss in Franklin's next visit. His method of approach and communication towards our beloved horse, through building trust, love and patience, often moved us to tears with the change it produced in, up to then, difficult horses, because of the fear and instinct of flight that is associated with their temperament. His way not only changed and freed them from obvious vices, but also affected in the same way their owners, concluding a total joining of both parties to a harmonious cooperation and relationship. I thank again all who were instrumental in providing me the chance to participate in this seminar, that literally changed my life and will surely affect my relationship to the horse for the better.


My good friend Franklin,

... it was an experience we will cherish in our hearts. In many cases in your clinic we were moved to tears, as certain horses seemed truly comforted by the presence of a human who could understand them, reward in a clear way the smallest of effort they made towards his request and in a sense justify their existence, where owners treated them as tough and complicated cases.

I only wish my mare would still be with me so I could explore this new understanding with her and try to make her as happy as she made me through the past months.

For that you have my gratitude, my friend!

Marcos (Read full testimonial)

Hallo Mr. Franklin.

This is Vassilis Papaioannou from Greece. One of the students from Univercity that we came to Syros island.

You love horses. You love what you do, and I think that you have a very good balance with your inside (yourself, your spirit). Someones first step I think is to know himself, and then when he finds out what he want and like and what is good for himself, when he fill completed as a human being then he is ready to share love with everything (people, animals, flowers, life). I feel that my relationship with life (incuding... everything) is going better when I fullfil all this above. With horses, the more I love myself, the more I share it with them.


I am very pleased that I met you at Syros. I would like to tell you that in my life I have accepted only four people as my teachers. Three of them were from Univercity. The fourth was you Mr. Franklin. Thank you for coming to our lives. I like to learn. However some thinks about intuition were till now passing by. This weekend at Syros show me that some things you just fill them or not. I started to trust myself, my intuition and I saw that it was coming right! I just feel it when something or someone is good or not, when is the moment for something and when not. Then my horse, he also has an intuition. Horses I think feel all these quite well. I believe that we can find each other much better in this level...

Life is very nice, it really worth to make it better to others (horses and people!) and you did that to us by helping us to understand better some things!

Now about action: I met my horse (he is Theseus). Work the way you advised (just around and very closed, moving the bucks) works a lot! He also kicked a little (he just preferred to have an easy day than trotting and galloping around me). A few minutes later I saw the first licking & chewing! We were going very well! When I was walking back to house he was not any more trying to pass in front, he preferred to stay on the side, and a little behind.

It was a very good lesson for me this weekend. It learned me to be a better rider, trainer, a better human. I also realised that I will always share my life with animals and of course with horses!

So, thank you again Mr. Levinson. I will enjoy my life the most I can, and I will try to be the best I can in what I do!

Vassilis Papaioannou

The only reason why I did not write this letter immediately after the course was because I wanted to let the "dust" sit and group my thoughts before contacting you. It has been not more than a couple of weeks since we were in Syros for this wonderful chance you gave us to look at the world through your eyes. The effect still stands strong!

The seminar itself has been a great educational chance for all of us. Personally I feel that I have been greatly benefited not only from your approach towards horses but from your approach towards life in general. I do thank you sincerely for the lessons. Having discussed the matter with more people from the course it appears that you have had the same effect on everyone and that, on top of everything else, means that you are a good Teacher too. Thanks again.

Dr. Elias Nikolakopoulos DVM, Dip.ECAR