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A private horsemanship training session


1-on-1 PRIVATE SESSION. IRELAND ~ Fall, 2011.

Hello Franklin,

If it could only be yesterday again!!! I thought I’d send you a personal email to thank you thank you so much for an incredible day.

I honestly feel the luckiest person on earth to have a full 1 on 1 day with you. You are probably going to laugh but the moment I stepped into the bus taking me home I started writing down each second and moment which happened, trying to not get frustrated saying to myself what did he say here what did he show me here! If I only had a tape re-winder to rewind the day and play it over and over like it never finished :)

From the first moment, you were so calm, soft and caring, I told you about my insecurities and how I would like to grow. Being a very nervous person I just got inflicted with this tremendous energy of you! When I look back I was so calm and I was breathing!

In the car the first thing you told me you are not here to impress anyone, no one is judging you, there is no competition. Being a bit nervous about the thought about having people stare at me and judge me are my great fears, even having gone to many competitions. This already felt comforting and really like someone put a hand on my shoulder saying you are alright don’t worry so much.

We did a lot of groundwork, the dancing, the playing. You had already changed my thinking within the first 3 minutes, it’s not about being the Alpha leader or being the boss, it’s about creating a partnership, dancing together.

The understanding of being a good partner, my horses dance partner. Not telling the horse what to do but asking, and having the horse decide for himself. It really felt like me and Nicky had known each other for years, yet we knew each other for 5 minutes and he was already giving me affection and preferring to stay with me. Never thought a relationship can be build within seconds, now I have the tools to know how!

I really believe that the way we worked the flag could help me with working with all horses, from the big and hyper warm bloods I work with to the gentle quarters. You have really build my confidence I can do it and I will be doing it.

Some things are just so obvious but you just don’t realize or remember! Like rewarding a horse with a removal of the pressure of the request, so simple yet so effective and the two hands technique :)

I am still on a high, thank you for giving me such an incredible chance to spend the day with you! I will see you in New Zealand, or wherever our roads may pass.

If you are ever looking for an apprentice :) pick me pick me pick me!!!

With love,


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