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at Franklin's Horsemanship Clinics and Programs in Sicily, Italy


Franklin Hello I'm Anna from the seminar in Sicily!!

How are you? I hope everything good ...

I'm very well and every day I try to manage to practice your valuable lessons! I am really very happy there are people like you ... people who devote their lives to horses, can run and play every day with them and who understand them! I also want to be like you ... I would leave everything to be with the horses, but it is not so simple! 


Two days with you have flown, I've learned some important things but I wanted to learn so many other things ... I know that in 2 days it is not feasible, but my desire to know the horse is great, and there are few people who can give me information about these fantastic animals as you do!! The calm, patience and peace with which you communicate with  the horse must be an example to all those who do not behave well with them, or for people who simply do not understand, and I can assure you that there are many! For me the horse is everything! My passion for them surpasses everything! This summer I was with them every day, morning afternoon and evening! My friends ask what they can do to keep riding every day and they ask me: "Do not you get bored??" and I reply: "So why do not you know the horses? .... "If I could study what I'd like, it would be to be with them !!!!!!! I wish I have already graduated but still I have to study all of the time, and am not able to be with them as much as I would love. But never mind! I would love to see you and come and see you in Greece with my family!! So you could teach me something else! Waiting to hear from you with great affection and admiration.