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My Week with Franklin at the Life Enrichment Centre, Corfu Greece


greece horsemanship"I had almost given up trying to find a course in "natural horsemanship". I was confronted by a circus of advertising, hype and marketing. Trying to speak in person to anybody was trickier than getting onto an A list celebrity party invite. Then I stumbled across a website called "Way of The Horse" by somebody I had never heard of: Franklin Levinson. His philosophy was clear …. he was "dedicated to supporting excellence in the horse/human relationship globally, through compassionate and wisdom based horsemanship with developed trust at it's core." I read on and could hardly believe my eyes. Franklin had so openly put up a series of his essays on many aspects of horsemanship which were quite simply, brilliant. Written in a no nonsense way they were clear, straight, true and full of deep knowledge and integrity. When he answered my email himself I knew immediately this was the person I wanted to learn from to start my journey on a more natural way of working in partnership with horses.

The time I spent on Corfu with Franklin and the horses at the Silvaland Equestrian and Life Enrichment Center was a truly life enriching experience. Franklin is one of life's rare and gifted people who gives so much of himself and has real heart. It is this uniqueness in Franklin which makes him so successful and effective in mentoring people and horses. Coupled with his lifelong experience with horses he inspires you, he enables you, he shares his incredible knowledge with you openly; he asks you to question what you know but he listens as well. When I was in the arena with one of the beautiful horses and Franklin time did not exist. It was exciting to tune into his wisdom. From leading the horse and really learning to understand I must become the "good parent or leader" for the horse, to establishing boundaries and lungeing, liberty training and long reining I became more self aware and mindful. A sensitive mentor with a great sense of humor, Franklin sensed my needs as well as the horses. He knew if I needed a break, was a bit anxious or he could ask for a little more. Because Franklin has such great compassion, patience, humanity and real knowledge and they are at the core of his mentoring to develop trust, he couldn't help but bring them out in me. I shall never forget the independent-minded Takis deciding he would, after all, come across the arena to hang out with me as horse and human relaxed together in the shade in total peace. A moment which showed how Franklin's focus on bringing to the fore our best human qualities helps us to improve and deepen all our relationships.

Franklin and his wife Ilona are so knowledgeable and passionate about horses and for me it was terrific to talk with them about their work at Silvaland. They were charming hosts and insisted on taking me out for dinner and showing me some of Corfu as well. It was a privilege to study with such an uplifting and captivating mentor whose authentic approach to horses will resonate with anybody who genuinely cares about improving the life of the horse and their relationship with them in a lasting way.

Fiona C Sankey
9 September 2012

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