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2 1/2 yr old filly, drives but bolts

Thank you for a great web site. We brought home our pair of half brother and sister percheron's from training to drive. I feel the trainer did a good job. I even drove them on the road at his farm before we brought them home. They both did great with traffic on a rural road. Now, after being home for a month, the filly shied terribly with me tonight while I was just walking with her on the road. I had a chain over her nose and she bolted out of my hands. I've worked with horses for years and do not consider myself a professional trainer by any stretch, but I've never encountered this before. I recognize this as a very dangerous act and I am thinking she is more than I should be handling without further assistance. I am a professional in another field, and I do understand how difficult this must be for you to attempt to answer, but any insight will be appreciated.

Thank you for you time, Valarie

Hi Valarie,

I suggest getting better at the 'in-hand' work with the horses. Doing hind-quarter yields on the ground is a great way to keep a horses attention on you if they get distracted. If a horse feels any pull on a leadrope it should move it's head in the direction of the pull. This takes some time to train into a horse. Often their inclination is to pull against the pressure rather than to give to it. Getting really good at this will help a lot. Then 'set up' situations where you think the horse will bolt or shy. That way you won't be surprised and should be ready to handle the situation. This is a young horse and should be considered green for another couple of years and great caution should be exercised. Be careful and good luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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