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Bucking Horse and People problems 2

In regards to the Bucking Horse with People problems, you mentioned the horse might be experincing pain. The backing up and circling was one of the symptoms we had with our 18 year old mare. Also our mare started acting like a stallion in the pasture.

We noticed finally within a month she lost alot of wieght so we had the vet come out, and within minutes he diagnosed her with a tumor on her right ovary. We took her to the vet clinic at MSU in Michigan and they found the tumor was the size of a melon, her other ovary was shriveled and useless, and she was getting nothing but testosterone dumped into her system from this tumor. We had it removed and she is slowly coming around.

Just a thought when the owner said all the horse is doing is going backwards and in circles, those were the first indications that there was a problem.

Julie from Michigan

Hi Julie,

Thank you very much for this addition to responses for horses that buck and display specific, unwanted behaviors. I will forwrard on to my webmaster for inclusion within the Help Center.

Happy new Year to you..
Sincerely, Franklin

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