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Cannot brush my horses tail

Hi Franklin,

I have had my Mini Mare for about 3 months now, and she has improved a lot, except one thing...Her tail being brushed. It's getting really tangled, and when she does let me brush it, it's only the few strands at the top of her tail. Please help!

Hi Callie,

Gently ask your horse to provide a hind foot like you are going to clean it out. Stay low and keep the foot low and hold the foot by the toe. If your horse is squeamish about this let me know. If you can do this, gently hold the foot with one hand and try to gently lay your hand on the top of the tail. Then remove your hand and put the foot down. If it was successful you now have a system to get the horse used to having her tail handled by gradually stroking her tail while you hold up one foot. If the mare will not allow this and keeps moving, have someone lead the horse forward at a walk and place your hand on her rump and then remove it. Gradually, as the horse is moving, begin to place your had on her tail for a few moments and remove it. Stay to the side of the hip so you do not get kicked. Do this process for a few minutes and then stop completely and be peaceful with the horse. Then begin the process again. This is a gradual way to get a horse used to something scary. Your horse is simply afraid to have her tail handled. it is not bad or stubborn. It is afraid and needs proper training to get through it. Gradually exposing the horse to something scary is the way. Moving the horse also distracts the horse somewhat from what is happening that is so scary. Be careful you do not get kicked. Let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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