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Getting my horse to follow me anywhere.

Hi Franklin,

Could you please answer a question for me? I have always been able to ask a horse to follow me - over obstacles and most things - but only at a walk. As soon as I want to ask them to trot with me they just stop and look at me as if I am mad! Do I have to start with them on the leadrope - or what?

Many thanks - hope all is well with you and happy Xmas.

Hi Jodi,

Consider sending the horse in front of you as much as asking the horse to follow you. You have not yet attained total status of the herd leader, otherwise the horse would follow you. To do this, send the horse out in front of you and then call or bring him back. Do this a lot until you can do it without a leaderope or long-line on him. Train the horse at liberty with more active movement (a round pen would help immensely). Sending him forward, bringing him back, changing directions, having him match your pace and direction and always by your side, etc.

Another technique to get that horse to stick to you no matter what, is to have several friends in a small arena with you and your horse. Have the horse free. Your friends should make a lot of noise so that the horse moves away from the noise. The instant the horse accidently, or they actually drive the horse, close to you, they immediately go completely passive and quiet. The lesson for the horse is that all scary things are not scary, and he is safe, when the horse is by your side. It might take a few days of this for the horse to fully get it. But after, he should stick to you like velcro.

Let me know how it goes.


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