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Horse romping??

Hello Franklin,

Hope all is well! Have another question I just can't figure out myself. Trying hard not to bother you.

We are doing real good practicing all the skills you have taught us on your cd. After our work is done I like to walk than eventually jog with him. Its my favorite part and I think he enjoys it to, but yesterday during our jogging part he started bucking strangely. He kept right up with me and never invaded my space or anything. But it felt and looked strange. It looked like we were practicing for the rodeo! haha. What do you think that was?? Excitement? Agression? Anger??

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks for always being here for all us "green" horse owners!!

God Bless!

Hi Kim,

You know, we humans are often and frequently trying to figure out our horses, (dogs, cats) and other domesticated animals. Truth is, if the behavior does not negatively impact you in any way, I suggest simply observing it and drop into whatever feelings come up. Horses are extremely empathytic and feeings orientated. They are very intuitive as well. If you want to attempt to figure out what is prompting a particular behavior, tune into your intuition and the feelings you are having obvserving it. Try not to put a label on it. Try not to name it. But rather is it a good feeling, joyful, annoyed, anxious, having fun sort of feeling. I suggest not triyng to figure your horse out too much. This causes humans to put human labels on animal behavior. Go with your intuition and feelings. Could be the animal was simply playing and enjoying being with you and being active with you in a different sort of way. He kept appropriate space, remained safe to be with. Sounds like fun to me...

Calispera from Athens, Greece. Franklin

Franklin Levinson

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