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Predator/Prey related to horses and humans

Hi Franklin,

One question I have been pondering on for quite a few years is this prey/predator thing all the 'big' horse people talk about. We know horses are prey animals and we are told that we humans are predators - but actually humans long ago were prey and predators. I am wondering whether it is because we switch between one and the other unconsciously that our horses can feel so 'unsafe' in our company - they are never quite sure what we will be next!!!

What do you reckon?

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in the UK and enjoyed Greece as well, and hope to see you in the spring either here or in Warks. (I have got several people interested in doing the training - waiting for an email from Elaine for details.) Wondering if you also do any kind of 'work experience' - I would love to come and spend some time watching and learning - but, of course, have no money!!

Hope you are well
Best wishes

Hi Jodi,

Horses are as unsure in our company as much as we are unsure and inconsistent about ourselves, our confidence, our levels of calm and our integrity (thought, feeling, action and words), the unity of interior - exterior processes. Horses are never not honest or out of integrity. We are. We are also unsure of ourselves and unsure about trusting any other specie because of that. I think the predator/prey thing is now as overused as Natural Horsemanship. It is misunderstood and used inappropriately to describe a humans inability to honestly deal with themselves and others and therefore be unseccessful in relationship with horses. "They are never quite sure of what we will be next" is because we aren't. We change our attitudes and inner processes so rapidly that there is really little that is consistent for the horse to hang on to, and this is what the horse is responding to. One day we are up and another down. One day we are a bit edgy and unhappy and one day not. This is what makes the horse unsure. "Leave your issues at the barn door before going in" is an old expression that holds true. If a parent was never very consistent in the way they are with their child, it will make the kid nutz. Same with horses... Good question and a simple answer. It is never really so much about the horse as it is the human.

You can come to Colorado during the summer months to work with me. But, unfortunately, there is a fee. Need to eat and all that boring stuff. But thanks for your interest and desire...

Aloha, Franklin

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