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To buy or not to buy, that is the question

Hello! This is just a quick question, but I've really been worrying about it for the past few days.

I recently tested out a gorgeous mare that I now plan to buy; she's a beautiful, calm horse. I was talking to the owner, a 20 year old boy who had owned the mare for about 4 years. (She's 13, currently.) And he was telling me that she was a great kids horse, but had a mean streak in her. Apparently if she's in a canter/gallop, she's a horrible stopper. He said that she was a horrible loader, and on top of all of this, he mentioned the fact that she hated other horses and would kill one if given the chance?

I plan on boarding her with a close friend, as I live where I can't keep her on my land, and my friend has a gelding, 2 mares, and a filly. I was wondering if the whole 'she would kill another horse' but was true, or he just didn't fully know what he was talking about? Also, at 13, could the mare be trained to load and stop better? Thank you so much!


Hi Bre,

Never believe anyone who says a horse has a mean streak or is mean, bad or any such intentionally negative behavior or trait. They know nothing of horses. They project human traits onto a very non-human being. The horse is totally innocent (like a baby), no matter what the behavior or how dangerous. The horse is looking for a great leader who understands their psychology and knows how to communicate through proper training and handling (the leader helps the horse to trust it is safe and will survive). This horse has had little. With no leader around the horse sort of fends for itself, tries to control what happens and does what it feels it must in order to have some feelings that it can control some of what happens to it. This translates to behavior you donít want through lack of good, wisdom based training. Certainly, with the right training the horse can learn to stop, load and almost anything else that is a reasonable request. But it requires knowledgeable, patient, appropriate, calm, precise and gentle training over time.

Wisdom of horses is a rare thing indeed. Humans most always expect too much, too fast from their horses, but really know next to nothing about them. This horse sounds like it never got to socialize well with other horses as well. Again, this can be trained out of the horse by someone who knows what they are doing. Trying to give you all the info you need would be like trying to teach you to tango, waltz and rumba all in one email. IMPOSSIBLE! Additionally, you need to see it to really get it. I urge you to find a qualified, GENTLE, experienced, trainer who has great references (always check references of a trainer). The trainer is as much for you as it is the horse. You need to learn the ways of horses and what motivates them and what is important to them (how their minds work and their psychology). The boy knows little about the horse. He is stuck in opinions and projections he has heard from others. He has no wisdom. Will you take the time and spend the money to get the wisdom you need to be really successful with this horse or any horse?

Sincerest Regards, Franklin

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