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Yellow discharge from Mare's hind quarters

Hi Franklin,

I'm glad I found you. You've been very helpful with your info about horses. This is a new venture for me and you've been right on with your advise.

Now I have another question. What is the yellow yeast looking stuff under these horses tails? They have been wormed, and they have hay and all stock feed every day. We have 7 horses and I would say 4 out of the 7 have this condition. I'm not sure if it's anal or vaginal but that's the area. Oh, they're all mares. I just reviewed what I have written and no, they don't get wormed every day.

Also, in a previous email to me you mentioned books/cds etc. that would help me gain knowledge about these wonderful animals. Since our horses only get ridden once a week it has been suggested I work them in a round pen. I don't know a thing about this subject. What do you suggest?

Thank you, Donna

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your kind words and I am delighted you find helpful. Actually, this is a medical question. I hesitate to offer any sort of diagnosis and/or medical advice. So, I always suggest a veterinarian provide the medical expertise. That being said, the discharge easily could be related to their monthly estrus cycle. Mares tend to all come into 'heat' at the same time. You may recall hearing that women in dormitories begin to experience their 'periods' at the same time after living together for a while. This is the same phenomena. So, this is what seems to be the case as you describe it. For a definative diagnosis consult a veterinarian.

The best, most efficient and cost effective way to learn methods for handling horses on the ground (round pen experience, etc.) would be to purchase a few DVDs and watch them. Otherwise it is like trying to learn to tango from a book. You have to see it to get it. I have several DVDs that would be enlightening for you. But there are many easily found in the backs of all horse magazines. No matter whose DVDs you get, get several and learn though observation. You can learn to dance by watching others dance, not from reading books on dancing. Books and essays can be helpful once you can first watch the process. Handling horses is a dance whether riding or on the ground. Every step should be a consciously requested step by us humans, the great leaders for the horse. It is not a difficult dance to learn. You can do it. Especially if you ask for coaching (I am happy to offer that via phone, email or in person), along with viewing DVDs on the subject and practicing the techniques. Education and practice are the two big things here, along with a good attitude.

So those are my suggestions. Let me know if you have other questions.....Thanks again for your kind words and Let me know what I can offer you to assist.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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