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Hello, this is Michelle again.

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering, how do you become a horse tamer. Are there certain qualifications? Does it normally run in families? etc.

Thanks for this great help! Michelle

Hi Michelle,

If someone grows up in a military family, there is a good chance they will join the military too. If someone grows up in a family where there is a history of being firefighters, police officers, ranchers, farmers, etc., there is an excellent chance some of the children will follow on that path. Any skill can be learned and then practiced to perfection (whatever perfection really is). There is one qualification that over rides anything, That qualification is passion and love for the subject. So, I would say if you have a passion and love for horses and even if you did not grow up in a horsy family, your love and passion will move you into a life with horses.

Follow your heart, always be kind and compassionate to horses and all others, love horses and yourself, do your best always, keep your dreams close and dear and, finally, having done what I have just suggested, put it all in the hands of God and live your life having kindness and compassion as the bottom line.

The Best to You Always.

Sincerely, Franklin

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