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Aggressive mare with new foal and can't be approached.

What can I do to be able to approach my mare and her foal without getting hurt? I have had my mare for almost a year now. When I got her, she was pregnant. We have a good relationship and have formed a bond and do very well together. She just recently had her foal two days ago and is a completely different horse. I knew there was a chance she would become aggressive once the foal was here but not to this extent. She will pin her ears, charge and turn her hind and kick...she will do whatever to keep me and anyone else away from her baby. The problem is, this baby is not mine. I bought HER not the foal and plan on returning the foal after weening. While the foal is here, I would like to work with him such as accepting human touch, haltering, leading, loading, etc. to make the transition easier when he has to leave. But how will I ever get to that point when mom won't let me near? She's become VERY scary and I fear she will explode. She was a bossy mare before and has always had attitude but I never really felt threatened by her. Now I feel like I have to start from ground zero with her! The owner of the foal wants to take him at 4 months (which I feel is way too early but I cant stop them) and the way things look now with how aggressive mom is I won't make it in four months to even TOUCH him much less handle him to be ready to go!

I'm stressing over this and miss contact and interaction with my mare. What can I do to ease back into my relationship with her and to get her to trust me with her foal? Please, PLEASE advise!

And thank you for such a wonderful site. I found you this past summer and have learned SO much from you. You are priceless and very much appreciated!


Hi Sandy,

Let her settle in to the fact she has this foal. If you get bossy with her you may get hurt and scare the foal as well. After she has had the foal a week or so begin to haze the mare around a paddock with the foal by her side. Don't be aggressive, just quietly ask the mare to keep moving forward and then allow a stop. Let them get used to you being there, hazing the two of them forward a little and then reward with a break. This way the mare will get used to you handling her again. Halter the mare when you can and then remove the halter. Do this so she begins to accept the halter again. Little by little get closer to the foal. It will be a process but this is what I suggest. No quick fix here. Good Luck.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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