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Becoming a horse trainer

Hello Franklin,

My question is about becoming a horse trainer. I love animals a lot especally horses. But I feel discouraged by everyone around me. One of my parents, my Mom, I told her what I wanted to do and she just said, "Those are pretty big dreams what about some other ones?" Should I keep going for my dreams?

Thanks, Kira

Hi Kira,

If nobody ever went for their 'big dreams' because others discouraged them, I think things would be a lot more dull and there would be much more frustration in the world. It is your right and, I think, your responsibility to yourself, to attempt to make your dreams a reality. It is normal for parents to encourage their children to take a path that seems easier, will seemingly make them more money or is less challenging. But these are your dreams and it is your right to persue them.

I was lucky and grew up with horses. Beginning to do something at a young age and staying with it, is a huge advantage. All I can say is to put yourself with and around horses as much as possible and gain as much education about them as you can. I think that is essential to begin a life with horses. Gain the education through reading books, watching folks who know about horses (most merely have opinions), watching training DVDs and tapes, volunteering at stables and theraputic riding centers, attending clinics by gentle trainers and anything else you can think of to get with horses.

You can have your dreams come true. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. It a good dream and worthwhile. But nothing comes easy and everything in life has two sides; the up side and the down side. You must be willing to accept both. Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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