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Can't catch my horse.

My horse has started running away from me when I try to bring her in from the pasture. I most often have to get some feed to coax her in. Do you have any other suggestions or things I could do to prevent this?

Thanks, Amy

Hi Amy,

I might suggest you stop trying to 'catch' your horse. Go out into the pasture and do not try to catch the horse. Just hang around the horse. Be in its close proximity. Maybe bring a horse cookie with you and give it when he gets close to you. Carry your halter but do not attempt to put it on the horse. All horses get habituated quickly. Generally when a horse was easy to catch and then is not, there is something that goes on after the horse is caught that is not great for the horse. You should be ending all sessions or rides with your horse on a very positive note (that is really the best time to give a treeat, at the end of the day). This way your horse will stay glad to see you. If there is anything about your time with your horse that is not great for the horse it will not want to be caught and spend the time with you. Evaluate your relationship with your horse. Is it mutually satisfying? IS it really a mutually benefitting realationship? If you are unsure of the answers to these questions you really do need to take a look at what you do with your horse, your skill level (which will either support the horse being with you or frustrate the horse when it is with you) of what you do with your horse, and if your leadership of your horse is appropriate. Your leadership is probably the most important aspect fo this. Horses want to follow their leader. It is their natural way. If you are lacking in your leadership skill with your horse, it will not want to follow you (or be caught).

Another suggestion is to not go right to your horse. Walk around the horse. Zig-zag around, gradually getting closer. If you get close enough to touch the hrose, touch him and walk away. Then do the process again and again until the horse lets you stand next to him with no problem. Then try to gently and slowly put the rope around his neck. Good Luck and please keep me posted. Oh yes, Check the archived responses in the help center. Type in 'catching my horse' into the search engine feature and see what comes up. I know I have written on this topic before..

Sincerly, Franklin

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