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My name is Randi. I am a junior in High School. I have been considering, for as long as I can remember, a career with horses. Here more recently I have decided I want to be a trainer. I was asked by my mother, "What kind of horse trainer? Do you want to train race horses, jumpers, or simply help horses to become less afraid of things?" I replied, "I don't know." Would you be able to give me some tip on how I should decide on what kind of horse trainer I want to be?

I have showed miniatures. My second year of showing them I practically trained a miniature by myself with the help of my parents. When we got a hold of her, she was very head shy, she didn't let anyone groom her, she was awful. When we finished with her she was a champion in the show ring. She would stand for hours to be groomed, bathed, anything that needed to be done to her could be done without a fight from her. Since I have left the show ring I miss it very much but there isn't any kind of money in it or else I would do that. From what I have told you could you please help me?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Hi Randi,

Sounds like you have a natural talent with horses and your Mom knows something about it as well. I would only make one suggestion from the information you have given me in your email. Do not let money become the reason you do something. If you love horses, let the success you have helping them become trusting and confident partners for humans become your motivation. If you get really good with horses, the money will follow. Seek to 'give' and not so much to 'get' and you will be rewarded beyond what you can imagine. With working with horses, it is as much about the human as the horse. If you can become a fine horse trainer and a human teacher at the same time, the good you do for the horse will last. Teach as well as train (teach 'horse', not just the human activity of riding the horse which is different than the horse itself). Become a leader/guide for the human horse owner as well as the horse itself. There is so much wrong thinking about horses all over the world that all good trainers and teachers of 'horse' are needed everywhere. In my work I am a servant. I serve the horse by helping them to feel safe and that they can trust they are safe when with me (and others). Then I teach others how to help a horse feel that sense of safety when with them as well. This helps a horse feel safer all the time and also is a very life enriching experience for the human. Remember how good it felt to help the mini's trust you? Remember how you had to be kind, patient, consistent, skillful, precise and a good leader/parent for the horses? These are life enriching skills you are mastering. Teach them and you will become more masterful yourself in the process. I am delighted with your question and I send blessings to you and your family for health, peace, success and wonderful horses (they are all wonderful actually). Please show this email to your folks.

Sincerely, Franklin

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