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Please Sir, I need some advise. I am working 8 different horses over cavaletties at the trot. I would like to know your opinion on spacing in between the cavaletties for a average 15 hand horse. Most of the horses I am working are 15 to 15- 2. One Gelding is 13 hands. Thank you for your time.

Hi Terry,

Many answers depending on the goals you are trying to achieve. Is it for the horse or for you the rider? The most basic distances are: trot poles - 4' canter try to keep them at a canter stride - about 10'-12' depending on the horse. A 15 hand arabian has a lot shorter stride than the average 15 hand thoroughbred. Watch the horse as he goes through - the goal is to lower the head and round the back. If they are too close the head will come up and the back will hollow. If they are too far apart the horse will 'flatten' out and not round - both are bad! There is no exact science but start at the basic distances and "PLAY"!

The most amazing website for cavaletti exercises and grids is Have a peek at it and let me know what you think.

Sincerely, Franklin

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