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Communication and a proper greeting

Dear Franklin,

My husband and I have a wonderful 22 month old Tennessee Walker. We have had him since he was 11 months old and have been loving on him, teaching him trust and partnership as much as possible. We had gone away this weekend for 2 days. We normally see him every day. When we came home, he didn't even lift his head up to welcome us back. In fact, he just started walking away when we tried to put his halter on to bring him out of the pasture. I felt really upset and sad, since I thought he would greet us with the same love and joy that we greeted him with.. Am I expecting too much? I see him absolutely every day....and am so trying to learn his language and develop a very special bond with him....


Hi Deb,

Horses are not humans. Its not really appropriate to suggest that horses should or do act like humans. Or, that they should provide you with the response you want. What should only be anticipated is that a horse will and can only act like a horse. You relationship with your horse is forged on the ground with right, appropriate and successful action and interaction. How do you teach him "trust and partnership"? Through great leadership I hope, where there is real intention and fun and wonderful activities where you 'lead the dance' of the action. They look to their leader for confidence, safety and guidence (amongst a whole list of other goodies). This is when a bond is really tightly formed.

A two day absence should not really have changed your relationship. Perhaps the horse was having an off day, not feeling 100%. It happens to horses too. The possibility that he just didn't want to play that day is very real too. Let me know about how he is being trained.

Sincerely, Franklin

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