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Four year old Filly rearing and goes over backwards

I have a four year old filly, since she was born, (on ground work only) When she doesn't want to do something, she throws her self backward. the last time she did this she really hurt herself. About 4weeks ago. She hurt her withers knocking it out of place. She was being retrained, she spooked at a dust devil.

She has been ridden, and has never offered to go over, but is very lazy, in saddle. My husband wants to sell her but, I just can't. Please help me!

Hi Linda,

The horse needs more training going forward and not back or rearing when faced with something scary in front of her. A lot more ground play moving forward. Then set up a situation where you think she will rear and gently pressure her to stay at least on the ground if not moving toward the scary thing. By setting up the situation you have control over how scary the 'thing' is and where you want to direct the horse. This is somewhat of an advanced training technique. careful and sensitive. If you manage to do this and correct the problem, you will have advanced your knowledge of horses and your abilities to handle various problems.

Sincerely, Franklin

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