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Flemin Response in horses.

Hi there!

I have had trouble trying to find an answer to my question! I recently purchased a 3yr old gelding, so we are beginning his training. He is currently out with a 2yr old filly of the same breed as my guy, but did something the other day that has me confused. After the filly urinated, my gelding went over to it, pawed at it and then smelled it and raised his neck and wiggled his lips around. What exactly would be causing this behaviour in him, this is the only thing I have ever seen him do that is out of the ordinary. Should I be worried or what can I do?

Thanks, Carly

Hi Carly,

What you saw your horse do is a normal action called the Flemin Response (named after the man who figured it all out). All horses do it, but it is primarialy seen in stallions when they smell the scent of a mare in estrus. It is an automatic response. Any horse can respond this way and it is not always related to a mare in season, but usually. Don't worry, your horse is responding normally. Thanks for your question.....

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