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Gaining trust, love and having fun


I have gotten a new horse, a 16 hand Palomino. I just want it to be more loving with me. It already is somewhat loving to me, but I want to know how to gain its trust and have more fun with it. Those are the kind of things I want to learn.

Thank you

Hi There New Horse Owner,

Congratulations on your new horse. Horses are very social and want relationships with whoever is around it. They look for and always want a good leader to be near so it can feel safe. They get their sense of peace, trust and safety from the leader. It is never about controlling the horse or showing it who is boss. It is always about being a "good parent" for the horse. A great parent is not abusive and does not boss the child around. The good parent guides and leads the child. This helps the child to trust it is safe. Then it can relax and play or whatever, being confident it is safe. Being a prey animal (which means in the wild other animals eat it for dinner) the horse's sense of its own safety is the biggest thing in it's life. The leader of the herd helps all the horses to feel safe.

To become the "herd" leader for the horse learn to play games on the ground with it. You'll need someone to show you these as I cannot explain them all in an email. Ask around the stable where you keep the horse for someone to teach you ground games. This is the quickest and best way I know of to begin a great bond and relationship with your new horse. Remember, have the horse's sense of safety be your first goal. It should mean more to you than anything. I promise your horse will come to love you deeply if you learn to interact with it appropriately on the ground.

Good Luck, Sincerely, Franklin

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