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Getting attached...

Hi Franklin,

I recently rescued a paint mare who was abandoned on a property ~ left alone and not fed or cared for. She seems to have adjusted well to the new "home" and stable mates. I've been doing a lot of ground work with her and that is going well. When I step outside of the arena, she begins to pace the fence, and gets quite agitated (running and kicking). What is this behavior and what should I do?

Thanks, Krista

Hi Krista,

What you are experiencing with your new horse is it getting attached to you. As it seems you are the one spending most of the time with the horse, you have become its new 'herd leader' and it has bonded to you. Try gradually getting the horse used to you leaving and returning. Leave the arena for short periods at first and come back and reassure the horse. Gradually make the time apart longer and longer. This sort of gradually getting acclimated to a situation is a good way to train for certain things like a horse being 'herd bound' - barn sour and more. Keep me posted please....

Sincerely, Franklin

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