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Girthy Horse

Dear Franklin,

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am from western Wisconsin. I buy and sell horses that need home or have had a hard past. I recently purchased and APHA/AQHA colt, about a year ago and have begun training him. He is very calm and not at all spooking. The only problem I run into when placing a saddle on him is when I attempt to cinch it up. He starts to run and buck. I have sacked him out and we have a great relationship. Please give me some advice!

Sincerly, Jessica

Hi Jessica,

Try starting out with a bareback pad or tying a long sleeve sweater around the horses waist to get the used to the feeling of something around the girth area. You could also take a very soft terrycloth towel and have some else on the off side and you on ther near side holding each end of the towel. See-saw the towel gently under the horse's girth area to help it adjust to the feeling of it. Take it slow and proceed one step at a time. Be careful......Good Luck....

Sincerely, Franklin

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