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Great horse/cannot needle him anymore

I have a 10 yr old quarterhorse gelding that I feel was abused before I bought him, but not sure. He has a scar above his right eye and a missing tooth. He is jumpy,but after a few yrs of trying things I THOUGHT I was on the right road. WRONG We have had a few issues, such as head shy, quick movements around him, if the cross ties become tight he will fight until something breaks. Recently I had the vet out to draw blood and that was a nightmare. We even tried drugging him and to no avail. As soon as he feels the needle in his neck he pops up and you cannot hold him. You also cannot twitch him. The vet has needled this horse many of times,but has never drawn blood. It is almost like (the horse saying) this is my neck and you are not sticking that thing in my neck. As soon as you stop trying he is as calm as a kitten, and he has won the battle.

Can anyone help guide me?????????


The way I prepare a horse for needles is to thump him and pinch him. I thump him all over beginning with one thump and then a Good Boy. I gradually increase the thumping until I can basically pound on the horse all over his body and there is no reaction. With pinching it is the same. One pinch first and a Good Boy. I gradually increase the pinching and end up being able to pinch him all over. Remember start softly and build slowly. One step (pinch or thump) at a time.

Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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