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Hello, my name is Jacque and I have a question that I haven't been able to find any help with. I don't want to come off sounding stupid. But I am concerned for my safety. My husband and I just purchased a 3 year old guilded mustang. He is such a wonderful horse with a great personality. He was halter broke when we got him and that was it. Since my husband and I have had him we have bridled him and put a saddle on him and he is doing wonderful. We work with him daily and haven't had any problems until now. This past week I have been mensturating and he has backed me into a corner, tried to kick and bite me and tried to run me completly down. He has only been guilded for about 4 months and has not been around any other horses since and I was wondering if it is just the "Stallion" coming out in him or if it may be something I am doing. He doesn't do my husband this way just me. I am the one that does the primary handling of him. I have reprimanded him for the way he has done me, but if it is just a nature thing, for him being newly guilded I don't want to cause any bad feelings between the two of us. Please help!!!!!! Confused.

Hi Jacque,

I would definately reprimand him for the bahavior, no matter what the reason. Then do something easy and fun so he can get some praise for the right thing. Do a lot of action on the ground. This is a very young, green horse and the timing is right for a lot of schooling and training now. Do you understand what I mean by a lot of ground play? Do you have a round pen? They are a wonderful tool. Horses do things sometimes because they can. If he can lead the dance, he will. This is to be expected and normal behavior in an animal that needs to survive in the wild. I think you just need to be the leader and move through the behavior by putting him to work if he does anything you do not want. Make what you do want easy by giving praise and a little rest.

Keep me posted and let me know how it all goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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