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Head Bobbing Horse

Hi Frankliin.

I have a 6 year old Welsh section A pony. I have owner her since she was a yearling. She is a great mover and loves to jump. My problem is she bobs her head while doing flat work. I've used a full cheek snaffle bit and a D ring. She still does it. She'll even do it while leading her with a halter and lead and lunging. I can't figure what the problem may be or what I can do to correct it. Otherwise she's a fantastic show pony.

Thanks Helen

Hi Helen,

If she does this while carrying a saddle, I would look for an improper fit from the saddle making the horse uncomfortable when moving at all. If it happens whether the horse is saddled or not, check for mouth pain and perhaps some pain in the shoulders or legs somewhere. This sort of behavior generally is an indication of pain somewhere in the horse's body. Teeth, back, shoulders, legs, etc. Also, consider equine chiropractic. Good Luck and thanks for your question.

Sincerely, Franklin

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