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horse behavior: Jealous geldings


I have bought a thoroughbred gelding and he has a real treasure of a personality. A truly lovely creature that loves anything to do with people. I agist him in a good paddock and there is also 3 other horses there. 1 thoroughbred bay gelding, 1 X a 20 year old gelding, 1 little Arab mare, Initially she was the girlfriend of the bay gelding. My chestnut gelding was always on the outer with the mare and her boyfriend but this time in season she has decided to fall for my chestnut. Now my chestnut will not let the other gelding any where near them (mare and mine). My horse now has kick marks on his neck and face. How can I stop this from happening?
I tried to keep mine in a smaller fenced area over night but the mare stayed right next to the fence and my horse then was still trying to scare the bay gelding away. I was concerned my horse might try to jump the wire fence and hurt himself. The thing is, no one looks after or cares for the little mare. Is there a way I can remove any scent from her when she comes in season? I would definitely appreciate any help you may offer.
Cheers, Marian

Hi Marian,

Sounds like you are 'down under'. Is that correct? I have been getting a lot of communication from there lately. I hope to come there this winter.

I know of no way to change the scent of a mare in estrus. It is a powerful and strong motivator for male horses obviously. There is not much you can do other than really separate them for the time she is in her 'season'. Do not just leave them across only one fence line. You must really separate them so they cannot get at each other. That would be very dangerous if they go at it over a fence. I wish I had more to offer you in this area, but there is only so much we can do to modify Mother Nature.

Sorry I can't be more helpful in this matter. Good Luck€…..

Sincerely, Franklin

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