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Horse is nervous in a new home & seeks attention

Hi Franklin,

I thank you for your previous answer which was very helpful. I wish to post another one. We moved our horses, mine and my sisters, since a month now to a new riding club, where the environment is much better, bigger boxes with iron grids so that the horses can see each other. My sister's horse has developed a probleme there. As soon as the grid on his door is opened, he grabs anything in sight (buckets and stuff) and throws it around. He never did this in the old stable and it is not because of boredom because he is taken to the paddock twice a day. My horse is right next to him and I go there more often then my sister, so mine is outside more. Yesterday we went for a ride and upon returning my sister's horse had already tossed a bucket and dragged a blanket in his box which was trampled etc.

I cannot think a reason he developed this behaviour. I don't think he is jealous of my horse being out more often, because even when he is right next to him, he does the same. I hate to have to have his door closed all the time so he cannot have access to things. Could it be he is still new and unfamiliar to the place ?

Markos S.


Horses are so social and relationship orientated that they can get jealous and have moods. Any change in a horse's environment is a cause for anxiety in many horses, especially a big change like a new 'home'. I woudl suggest that th eowner spend more time reassuring her horse that all is OK. If you could spend time with this horse it woudl be helpful as well. Seems to me the horse is looking for attention and support. As you said in your email he "is still new and unfamiliar to the place." This may take a while to settle down. Give the horse as much support as you can......Let me know how it goes....

Sincerely, Franklin

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