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Horse needs to be in front.

Twix is a wonderful horse! He really has no vices at all - except - when we ride in crowds. He wants to be in the front. When I try to stop him from taking the lead, he tosses his head, jigs, chomps at the bit violently, and opens his mouth wide to escape the bit. I typically ride by myself or with 1 to 2 horses max. Should I try a martingale, or that strap I have seen to keep his mouth closed? I would only use these aids on larger rides, which happen about twice a year. All other rides he responds to everything I ask, rarely spooks and will listen to me for guidance, never refuses a jump, etc.

Thank you! Tammy

Hi Tammy,

Sorry it has taken a while to respond to your question. I have been swamped lately with projects and travel.

This is a common occurrence with many horses. Here is what I would suggest;

Get very good at bending the horse around an inside leg. Do you know what I mean by this? It is asking for a yielding of the hindquarters quickly and efficiently from the saddle. This action, if practiced before you go out on the trail so the horse gets good at it, will serve to get the horse's attention back on you. It is also work for the horse. He will eventually understand that if he jigs, tosses his head, opens his mouth, chomps the bit or whatever, he will be going to work. You must be consistent with this and remember to practice this before you go out on the rides. I would avoid restraint and try this first. It usually works. Please keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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