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horse rushing jump

I have a 5 yr old horse that I have started jumping about 1 month ago. I have done extensive flat work and allot of caviletti work, I have only been trotting jumps and lately he has started rushing the base of the jump about 3 strides out. Any advice on keeping him quiet approaching the jump would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, my name is Monica

Hi Monica,

If you can feel him hunch up get ready to rush the jump or the instant he speeds up, go immediately to a firm but steady hind end yield a few rotations in both directions. Do not go to any punishment. Simply put the horse to a different task other than proceeding over the jump if he does what you do not want. Practice this when you are not near a jump until you and the horse get really good at a hind end yield from the saddle whenever you want it. Then whenever your horse does something you do not want when you are riding, you will have a tool to use to modify the behavior and get the horse's attention back on you.

Another thing to look at is your breathing. If you are holding your breath or your breathing becomes short or erratic during your approach to the jump this will prompt your horse to become apprehensive and rush the jump. If you tense up at all, this creates anxiety in the horse and will prompt him to rush the jump. Generally, problems of this sort are always 'rider (human) error'. Most problems are the result of improper handling and/or riding and not the fault of the horse at all. The quieter you are when approaching the jump will help the horse to do the same thing.

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