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My horse was traumatized by others and is now afraid

Hello Franklin,

I have a 17yr old gelding. I placed both my horses in someone else's pasture for about 2 mos. While they were both there I gave someone permission to ride them. After they rode them both, my gelding developed a saddle sore that then became infected. I didn't find out about it immediately. Afterwards, I got them both back home A.S.A.P. I had a vet come out and check the wound. He trimmed the "extra" proud flesh that had developed into a large lump on his back. Since then I have had the hardest time catching him to place the medication on the wound. For several day's he made me chase him in order to catch, now he is to the point he completely avoids any human that come's near him, I have stopped chasing him the question is what do I need to do to gain his trust back.

Thank you, D.


What an awful story. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence when horses are removed from their normal home where they get good care and handling, to somewhere else. I have received many calls for help from folks facing the same problems as you. Its tragic actually. The best solution is to re-start this horse. He needs to be re-habilitated. He has been traumatized by what occurred. His behavior is understandable given the circumstances. You know, there is negligent liability on the part of where the horse was kept. Just so you know that. Your horse has been scared for the rest of its life and a lot of time needs to be taken to rehabilitate the horse. Restarting the horse is the only way I know of the regain a trusting horse after what he has been through. He will need very consistent handling from now on, from knowledgeable and caring people. The upside is the hard but great lesson you have learned and the chance to hone your skills as a trainer. I hope you have the patience and skills to do the 'work' the horse needs done. Good luck.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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