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Horse troubles at feeding time

Hello, my name is Jenn

I have a questions about my horses. I have four of them, who are all lovely horses and very sweet... except at feeding time. When it is time to feed them, we can not catch them, they run around, chase each other, and even sometimes kick at us... they become very aggressive and bossy too both each other and to the people trying to bring them in for dinner. Any advice?

Thanks so much!!! Jenn

Hi Jenn,

What you are experiencing is very common and normal horse behavior. Food is such a big thing for them that they go through all sorts of gyrations around making certain they get their rightful share. Those 'gyrations' are what you are experiencing. To help the situation carry a flag when bringing the horses in to help fend off any horse that is jumping up and kicking out near you. Use the flag to keep the horses totally at bay until the food is laid out exactly as you want it to be. They should not aggress the human at all. Use the flag to discourage this. Spread the food out as far apart as possible as this will help keep everybody settled down and help prevent food robbing. You can withold food until they all stand peacefully and settled. They will come to understand that no food happens while they are acting out and running around. They will learn that they only get food when they stand peacefully. They are smart and if you are consistent, they will learn it.........Please keep me posted.

Happy New Year, Franklin

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