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How much is too much weight?

Ok I have a strange question but this one really bothers me. How much weight can a 14.5 hh Arabian carry comfortably. My Aunt (An experienced horse trainer) and my mom says I am stupid for worring about it but boy does it bother me. I weigh under 200 pounds and ride light English tack, but every time I mount it is the only thing on my mind. It stops me enjoying my rides. She is a small horse (realativly speaking) but I can't help but wonder if I am hurting her. Am I total nuts or what? Is there a real limit or poundage?


Hi Emmi,

Generally a horse of the size you describe should carry a maximum of 200 lbs. Up to 185 or so would be ideal. I hope I don't make your Aunt angry. Thank you for being concerned for the well-being of this horse.

Sincerely, Franklin

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