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I want a life with horses


I recently became interesded in horses and when I did I joined a rodeo team and then my dads boss is now letting me care for his 5 horses. He lets me use his paint to use for barral raceing that I just started. Also we have a colt and I am the only one she lets love on her and get near her, but I can't get a halter or lead rope on her and her hoofs are cracking in half I am new at this stuff and I know now this is where my heart is at is with the horses and I want to be a horse trannier and breeder and still rodeo but I am not very book smart at all and I want to be a cattle rancher....but I have no idea where to start I want to go to collage but I have no idea where to start or who to talk to and liveing in Texas there is not much everything is in Olklahoma that I have found and my parents want me here in order for them to help me threw collage. Please If you have any suggestions I am 17 and I will be graduating next year so I need to know where to begin. If you know any ranches or so or anything that might can help please let me know.

Thanks for your time, April

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from a student inquiring on "what it takes" to be a horse trainer.

Careers with Horses

Hi April,

Thanks for your thoughtful email. I get quite a few enquiries from young people such as youself looking to have a career or life with horses and not quite knowing where to begin. I wish I had a course of action I could propose to you to get you rolling. But, as each horse has its own personality and 'way', so does each person. What is good for one may not be good for another. A few general things I may suggest might prove helpful if you are able to stay with them. The first thing is education of all types, not just schooling, but practical agricultural as well. Good idea to look for a ranch or horse operation that would let you work in exchange for learning (some money would be great as well). I would watch as many trainers as possible. You'll quickly know who is for real and who is all talk. If the human tries to make the horse do something, they are in to control and dominence. If they are patient, kind and consistent...they probably know what they are doing. For what you want to do I really think it is good to look for a ranching situation where you can spend some time. Generally, family friends or relatives are the best shot.

Suffice to say, kindness, compassion, patience, skill, focus, good techniques and great communication and leadership are the qualities you want to bring forward to horses (and to everyone). Be like a great leader/parent for all horses. Have your agenda become the horse's sense of peace and well-being. This is done through becoming a peace bringer to the horse. This does not mean going in slow motion. It means being peaceful within yourself and bringing that inner peace you have to the horse. Then you can begin to dance with the horse in a way that is mutually satisfying as opposed to imposing your will on the horse to use the horse in some way (riding). Your relationship with all horses is formed first on and ground doing simple activity and action with the horse and you being the leader of the dance. Make each and everything you want the horse to do a simple, clear and concise request. When the horse even tries a little bit, give a Good Boy as a bit of praise and thank you for the horse trying. This is how we can show respect for the horse. Being consistently kind and a great leader at the same time developes trust with the horse. You'll be amaized at how the horses will be attracted to you if you do these simple things all the time when around them.

Anyway, thanks for your email and I send Blessings to you for all your hearts desires to come to you. I am here to help when I can.

Sincerely yours, Franklin

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