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I want to be a horse whisperer


I know my request might seem strange to you, but I have to try. I want to learn how to be a horse whisperer, but I am only 13 years old and can't come to Maui. Can you please just give me some tips through the internet? It really does mean a lot to me.

Thank you

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Hello Nur,

Where are you located, please? Your name is quite unusual to my 'ear' and lovely all at once.

Your request is not strange to me at all. In fact, I get quite a few questions from young folks wanting to do what I do as a career and have a life dedicated to the improvement of the horse/human relationship. Believe me when I say it is as much about the human as it is about the horse. So you can never just let it be about horses. There is so much lack of real knowledge about the horse that well meaning humans are abusing them all over the world out of ignorance. I am basically a teacher. I teach 'horse'. But first and foremost I teach about the nature of kindness, compassion, trust, peace and connection. Horses never lie. They always give an honest response to what is presented to them. They are never bad. They are only afraid (when they are in pain, confused or frustrated).

For a horse there are only two possibilities; fear or trust. This is because it is a prey animal (eaten by predators like wolves and lions when in the wild). They never lose this fear of mortal danger no matter how long they have been domesticated. This is why it is so important to gain the trust of the horse. When they trust they are safe with you and will not be hurt, they will give you everything they have to offer. They are always innocent and any behavior that looks dangerous or bad is merely them acting out of fear. You need to keep yourself safe as they are big and can hurt you. If a horse hurts you it is only because it is afraid and it is up to us to help the horse come back to a place of peace and trust.

Gain knowledge through reading as much as you can about the nature of horses. Watch videos about training horses gently. Visit as many clinics and trainers as you can. Watch how folks interact with their horses and you will see quickly who is merely trying to control the horse and who is trying to be a partner and good leader for the horse. Read all the responses to questions in my archives within the 'help center' on my website to get a feeling for the training of horses. The horse is looking for a good leader (like a good parent should be for their child) always. They will be loyal and bond to the good parent/leader and want to be with them every moment. They follow the good leader everywhere willingly as it means their survival. If you really grasp this concept you will become attractive to horses and they will want to be with you. Make everything a clear and appropriate request for the horse. Simple things like walking forward, stopping, turning and backing should be a clear and conscious request. When the horse does as requested he should get a thank you in the form of a "Good Boy". That is all that is required for the horse to know it has done a good job. The Golden Rule applies to horses. If I would not like how something is done to me, neither would my horse. That goes for being touched, activity and everything else. If I wouldn't like something, my horse probably wouldn't like it either.

When you can, volunteer at stables to muck stalls just to observe and learn. Observe all you can. You will learn a lot. I would also volunteer at theraputic riding establishments where the horses are used in the therapy of individuals with physical and mental challenges. You will learn a tremendous amount there.

There is a big difference in the human activity of riding horses and the horse itself. Most people only know of riding horses and not much about the horse. Even riding instructors and folks who win competitions riding horses, know little of the horse itself. But you will know there is a world of horses that exists that is way beyond the human activity of riding the horse.

Always give your best to the horse. Never be judgemental and say they are bad. They are not. They are only afraid. Be kind, gentle, compassionate and always be a great parent /leader for the horse with the intention to lead and guide it to feelings of safety and peace. You will find great inner peace for yourself if you do. You will help humans to find this as well by bringing it to the horse. Humans will see how horses calm with you and trust you. They will be inspired and want to learn your ways with horses. Be patient and consistant like a good parent is with their child. This helps build trust as the child needs to trust the parent.

There is so much to learn. The older I get the more I know there is to learn and I never stop learning. Hold on to your dreams, listen to your heart as it will tell you what is right and good and what is not. You can do anything that you set your mind and heart to. You can have your hearts desire if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Your life is ahead of you and the possibilities are endless no matter what your circumstances are now. Whatever the challenges you can meet them and move through them.

Learn from everything as there is always something to learn, even from your mistakes and you will make them. Forgive others their mistakes and yourself for yours. Never hold grievances and grudges against horses or anyone. Seek peace and you will find it and be able to offer it to horses and everyone. Try to focus on giving rather than receiving. It will bring you great joy in this life. In the giving is the receiving. You will have all you desire if you seek to help and serve the higher good of all. Be of service to the horse and you will be of service to all.

Good Luck and do keep in touch with me. Perhaps we shall meet someday. Please show this to your parents and get their response to what I have said. God Bless you always......

Sincerely yours, Franklin


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