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Introducing horses into a new herd and home

Hi Franklin,

My name is Deanna, I'm writing in hopes of helping my mom. She bought an eight year old gelding about eight months ago after she lost her other horse to colic, She also has been boarding my sisters 22 year old mare for years now. The gelding and the mare get along great except for at feeding time, he can be a little pushy.

Well, my sister is going to be taking her horse home soon so my mom has decided to bring in another gelding, a 5 year old, very nicely mannerd guy, but the 8 year old won't leave him alone we have to keep them seperated. We put the new guy in the pin and the 8 year old goes charging at him, gives him his butt and preceeds to try to kick the younger horse of course getting the fence instead. We've only had the new horse for a couple of days and are just letting them take turns on being let out. What can we do about this? My mother is an emotional wreck and needs help, she just wants them to get along, and is afraid they never will. Is there any hope? Thank for taking the time to read this, hope to hear back from you soon.

Sincerely, Deanna

Hi Deanna,

When bringing in a new horse into a new home and herd a period of adjustment is to be expected. The horses should be introduced gradually and kept separate for a while, maybe even a month or two. What you are experiencing is not uncommon for horses introduced to each other for the first time. They will adjust, you just need to be patient and keep them safely apart for now. Relax and know what you are going through is a normal period of adjustment and sorting out of the pecking order. Things will settle down, I promise you. You could begin to walk the horses around a bit together with two of you leading them. If one pins his ears at the other, shake the leadrope under their chin vigorously and say NO!

Keep me posted and have a Happy Holiday Season.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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