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Is it sexual?

My name is Jill.

I have a question. I feel a bit odd asking it but I can't find any information on the subject and I have searched. We live on a ranch. This ranch has 7 horses, 2 which are mares the rest are geldings. The horses are in the pasture not even 10 feet from our home so sometimes I go to give them attention. I start rubbing their neck and then run my hand from the mane to the tail.

My question is, when I do this, the geldings penis comes out. What makes this happen? Is it normal? Any information is much obliged.

Thanks So Much

Hi Jill,

Nature is nature and while the horse your are referring to is a gelding, touching that 'feels good' will produce an appropriate response. Pleasurable touches feel good, pure and simple. Some geldings will respond to any touching that feels good by extending their penis. It may embarrass you a bit, but beyond that, no harm is being done. It is normal.

Sincerely, Franklin

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