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Is my gelding too affectionate?

Hi Franklin;

Thanks for providing this service!

I have an 8yr trakehner gelding, I bought him 8 months ago. He is a lovely, kind and very obedient horse. I have done my work consistently on the ground and in the saddle to gain his trust and obedience, with good success. I can say without a doubt that he is bonded with me and adores me. He calls to me when he sees me, always comes to me in the field, he follows me around. He is jealous of other horses coming to me or getting attention from me. He drops his penis when I groom him. He rests his head on my head, hugs me with his neck, he is very demonstrative with his affection. I am incredibly flattered 99% of time.

Today I went to visit him the field. He was nodding his head at me as I approached his paddock, I interpreted this as a "come hither" kind of attitude, and he approached me with enthusiasm. We shared a quiet moment and then he started to treat me like a mare, and tried herding me he got excited, swung his head around and made movements towards me like he was playing with another horse. I wanted to have nothing to do with, I put my arms out and sent him sharply away. He promptly went and chanced the mare he is turned out with.

My question is am I interpreting his behavior correctly? How seriously do I take this 1% of the time "hiccup" in manners?

Many thanks for your advice!

Hi Anne-Marie,

Sounds like he has a 'crush' on you and is beginning to treat you as a potential mate. There may be a mare in season nearby that has gotten him 'going' in this direction and as you are the one showing him affection and good touches with your grooming, he is perusing you somewhat.

Keep things appropriate. If he 'extends' during your grooming of him, immediately move him in small circles (put him to work) so he gets the idea that being sexually stimulated during his time with you leads to work. He'll get the message. Set boundries, it is very important. It should be easy to do. Thanks for your question. Let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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