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Is my horse pregnant?

Hi Franklin!

My daughter and I had the misfortune of boarding our horses at what was at first a beautiful stable but which went downhill after the caretakers left after a dispute with the owner. A temporary feeder allowed our mare to be with a stallion (against our express wishes). Now, about 2 months later, our mare can be "milked" by pulling on her teats as one would milk a cow. Does this indicate early pregnancy?

Patti and Lauren

P.S. I am in the process of purchasing my own acreage because I'm fed up with boarding.

Hi Patti & Lauren,

Sounds like you are going to be a Mom. Although, it would be very early for the mare to begin lactating. Gestation period for horses is about 11 months. They can actually regulate the exact time they deliver their babies to suit a number of conditions. Lactation does not generally begin until near the end of the pregnancy. I would definately have the mare vet checked. A vet can tell you for sure if the mare is pregnant (even now). She could have some sort of infection. However, if she is delivering a lot of fluid from her teats, and the fluid appears to be normal mare's milk (not yellow or stinky), perhaps you could be misjudging the time she may have been caught by the stallion. Please let me know, you have me quite curious now.

Good Luck.....

Sincerely, Franklin

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