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major bucking horse

Hi Franklin,

I have a 4 year old qtr. horse stud that bucks violently when spooked. I sent him to a trainer for 5 weeks but no luck. I had him vet checked and was told he was fine . I can ride him in a round pen with no problem and he has the ground manners of a gelding. He's broke my ribs and hurt my pride more than once but he's got a great blood line and his get are well built mild mannered with lots of cow sense. I really want to use this horse in team penning so is there anything I can do to help him? I started him slow and sack him out daily but he shows no fear in the round pen or pasture he moves well, lounges fine, will go thru all gates, and works well with a rope (dragging & pulling). I trailer him to horse shows to get him some exposure and pony him with an older horse on trail rides. But when you try to ride him alone or take him somewhere new he will explode suddenly he gives no signs just blows up his eyes roll back and he bucks until he throws you or gets to tired to move and it stops as quickly as it started and then he's fine. I'm at my wits end and out of $500 for a trainer. I've checked saddle fit even rode him with just his halter. I purchased him when he was one and I started breaking him when he was 2 &1/2 he never bucked until a small dog bit him on his back leg then it was down hill from there. Now if anything flashes jingles or moves he loses it big time.

Any advice you could give on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Greg

Hi Greg,

HHmmmm....Interesting situation you have there as it sounds like you are quite knowledgeable yourself. I don't know where you are located but if you are near any working cattle ranches or feed lots, you might consider daily work for your horse trailing cattle. He probably is not getting the exercise or exposure to scary stuff he could use and needs. If he is grained that will contribute to his being 'high' with energy as well. I have settled a number of horses like yours through daily (and I do mean 5-8 hours a day) of work and exposure to potentially scary things. Occasional or even regular trail rides are not nearly enough. Round pen exercise is nice, but not nearly enough as well. Its the kind of slow, steady daily 5 to 8 hours a day (packing some weight if possible), lots of exposure to the outside world, with occasional 10 + hour trail rides, that would probably turn the horse around to more of what you are looking for. This routine of work would still take a several months to really get it done. Good Luck and be careful.......

Sincerely, Franknlin

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