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Mare acting out after riding

Hello Franklin,

I hope you can help. I have a 5 year old thoroughbred mare who has started pinning her ears and trying to bite when I have finished riding her. She does this after I have removed her bridle anad I try to place her cooler on her. She has had a physical and is fine. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Chrisitine

Hi Christine,

Usually it is before the ride, during tacking up, that horses act in this manner. Are you certain there is nothing before the riding? Anyway, sounds like the mare has been made to feel pain during the riding. Could be poor saddle fit. Perhaps pain in the horses body that is brought forth from the work. Perhaps soreness somewhere that would not show up with a vet check. Could be the horse is not enjoying what she is doing while being ridden.

Here is a suggestion or two: One is to have the saddle fit checked by an expert. Palpate her withers and back for soreness after the ride. Look for any swelling in her legs or feet after the ride. Do something easy and fun for the horse before you dismount. Walk her around for 10 minutes or more before you dismount. Endeavour to have your riding experience end on as positive a note for the horse as possible.

Please keep me posted and have a wonderful Holiday Season.

Sincerely, Franklin

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