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Mare Strikes When Trying to Clip Her

Hi Franklin,

I searched your archives for this problem, but came up with nothing, so I decided to email you. I recently purchased a 3 yr old paint filly. She is green broke and coming along fine under saddle, but I am having trouble clipping her. I can clip her bridlepath easily, but she won't let me near her face with the clippers. I have tried easing my way up to her face with my hand holding the running clippers, but she evades me as far as she can to the end of the lead rope and if I push the issue, she will strike and has even reared once. I don't think she is afraid of the clippers, but rather she just doesn't want to be clipped. I have thought about hobbling her, but she is in foal, and I really don't want her to throw herself, plus, would hobbles even work?

Other that this problem, this mare is great. I really want to get her over this problem, but I don't want to get hurt in the process. Any assistance you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Kelley

Hi Kelley,

Try this...Leave the clippers running near the mare and feed her. Let her eat while the clipper runs nearby.

Bring the clippers closer and closer as she gets used to the sounds and motor vibration. Don't try to clip her face for a while, just keep the 'motor running'. Handle her muzzle some while she eats with the clipper running nearby.

Eventually, handle her mouth with the clipper in your hand but do not clip her as yet. Wait until she is totally comfortable with the clipper running near her mouth and then try to give her a clip.

This process may take a week or two, but it should solve your problem. Good luck and please keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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