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Mean Gelding

My 6 year old foundation bred gelding (who until now was the baby of the farm) had an instant and incredibly violent dislike of my 4 (now 6) month old colt, from the 1st second I brought him home. We have to keep them seperate, alternating who gets to be out in the big pasture with the older gelding. This gelding is NOT GETTING BETTER. Yesterday for the 1st time ignored that I was in the stall with him, came over the top of me to charge the colt who was outside his stall.
I am at my wits end. I have had years experience with horses, young and old. I am level 3 Parelli. Please help, because if this horse hurts me or the baby, my husband may do something he will regret.....

I found your site by accident, I'm glad I did. Laurel

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