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My mini seems depressed


I have two miniature horses and less dominant one almost continuously stands with her head hanging so low that her nose almost touches the ground. She seems lethargic and seems 'depressed' compared to her paddock mate. They are well cared for, fed and exercised appropriately for such tiny horses [30 inches high]. Could you please explain why she would hang her head so low so constantly?

Thank you. Hoping to hear from you as you were the only site I found to ask my question.

Billie in New Zealand

Hi Billie,

Hard to say without me seeing the situation first hand. Consider more ground playing with you. Fun and interesting action, perhaps with some music. If she is bored, she may be a bit depressed. Nothing like some some fun times with their human to liven things up for a horse. Horses like a job too, even minis. Also, if she is in any pain this can cause the behavior. Perhaps a vet check? Also, any change in environment, herd mates, routine, lots of possibilities actually. If she is getting picked on at all by the other, this can cause depression too. Make an effort to rule out pain, being picked on and changes. with her w/o the other in the same paddock.

Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

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