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More sensitive neck reining...

Dear Franklin,

A week ago I bought a new horse that will probably be one of the best horses I will ever have but he needs a little work on neck reining. He was originally trained to neck rein but a year ago a lady bought him and only jaw reined him. The person I bought him from a week ago has been trying to get him back into it neck reining but he still needs a little work. He understands neck reining pretty well, but he is not as sensitive as I would like because sometimes I have to give him a pretty good yank to get him to turn. I want to barrel race this horse just for fun in the next couple months so I would prefer it if he responsed to neck reining better. Are there some exercises I can do with him to make he more sensitive to neck reining?


Hi Lynelle,
I would also use leg cues when training this horse to neck rein. I would also go very slowly, only at a walk. Get him good neck reining slowly and he will have it much better when you get him up to speed. Always best to start out very slowly, with only the very basic of movement and moves. Then, as the horse gets good at it slowly, begin to speed it up. One step builds on the previous one. Good Luck....

Sincerely, Franklin

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