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New and not confident around horses


I have just discovered your website. I am a new rider. My partner has a horse and she is very confident with him. He knows I am afraid and he plays on this. I have really fallen in love with him. He does show me the affection as you have described in other articles but I still feel like he knows I am afraid. I do have a bond with him but, how do you think I could overcome these fears so he will be at ease when I am around him? Any help woulb be much appreciated. Your experiance and explanations have already help me to understand Way of the Horse better. But I feel this issue is holding me back from us totally enjoying each other.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely, Ryan

fearful rider

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for being honest about your fear. Many men won't admit this and it works against them ever overcoming it. It is true the horse knows your confidence level and fear level as well. One thing that helps dispel fear is knowledge. As you have said, just reading some of the info on my website has helped give you some knowledge and overcome some of the fears. Some things take some times as well. Don't be hard on yourself. Talk to your partner about it. Tell her exactly how you feel and I bet she can help introduce you to some more ways of horses as well.

The horse is looking for a leader every instant and moment. If you can begin to ask the horse to do very simple things like stopping, leading, backing (your partner can show you if you don't know), you will begin to establish your bond of trust and begin the leader of the dance with the horse. Your relationship with a horse is first forged on the ground doing very simple things. Simple activity with horses builds the relationship and the comfort level for both horse and human. So I would begin to do simple actions on the ground. Ground games some folks call it. Some call it ground schooling or ground work (lunging for fun and learning). No matter the name, you will get to know this horse and all horses by beginning to do ground exercises. You will develop sensitivity, self awareness and confidence through doing some easy fun 'dances' on the ground. Let me know if your partner does not know what I am speaking of. I can offer more if need be. Good luck and please keep me posted.

Sincerely, Franklin

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